[cairo] Problems with using scale

Kieran McCusker kieran.mccusker at kwest.info
Fri Dec 1 07:23:16 PST 2006


I am using cairo 1.2.2 on fc5 x86-64 via rcairo to create graphs as 
pngs.  I create the pngs in two sizes using scale.  I do the following:-

Apply the scale
Measure the elements (using pango)
Draw the elements

What I find is that using a scale of 1 everything is measured and drawn 
correctly.  When I scale to 3 I find that the trying to draw into a box 
provided by pango fails if the text exactly fits the box (or comes 
close) and I find myself applying fudge factors that then bring their 
own problems.

Is anyone aware of this issue?  Is it worth me trying the latest 
snapshot?  I will produce a test case if no-one has any information.

Many thanks


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