[cairo] Brand new _cairo_lround implementation

Ronny V. Vindenes ronnyvv at broadpark.no
Tue Dec 5 11:58:07 PST 2006

tir, 05,.12.2006 kl. 11.45 -0800, skrev Carl Worth:
> On Tue, 05 Dec 2006 20:33:53 +0100, "Ronny V. Vindenes" wrote:
> > > My patch	no bug
> >
> > I see the same so far
> >
> > > Daniel's patch	no bug
> >
> > Here I see bugs though
> Now that's really interesting. How are you testing for problems? And
> how frequently are they occurring?

Start nautilus, click the mouse in the bottom right corner of any window
(including the "desktop") containing icons. With the mouse still pressed
drag the selection box around. Eventually some or more of the characters
in the icon names become deformed in some way. Moving the selection box
back off them or releasing the button results in proper rendering again.
Moving the selection box off a deformed entry and back on it again does
not always yield the same deformation or even any deformation at all.

> Maybe it would make sense to test this further by making a composite
> function that calls into both version and spews a lot of details if
> they ever differ.

I could probably cook something up if that's wanted?

Ronny V. Vindenes <ronnyvv at broadpark.no>

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