[cairo] Brand new _cairo_lround implementation

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Tue Dec 5 12:43:19 PST 2006

On Tue, 05 Dec 2006 20:58:07 +0100, "Ronny V. Vindenes" wrote:
> Start nautilus, click the mouse in the bottom right corner of any window
> (including the "desktop") containing icons. With the mouse still pressed
> drag the selection box around. Eventually some or more of the characters
> in the icon names become deformed in some way. Moving the selection box
> back off them or releasing the button results in proper rendering again.
> Moving the selection box off a deformed entry and back on it again does
> not always yield the same deformation or even any deformation at
> all.

Thanks for the detailed description. I tried that and I did succeed in
demonstrating a bug that appears in Daniel's patch, but not mine.

So far I've only seen the bug occur on the second line of a folder
icon that had a name long enough to break onto two lines.

Some of the artefacts I see are:

	Glyphs changing sizes

	Vertical stems of some glyphs disappearing

	The left-most column of some glyphs disappearing

The combination of those suggests to me that the measuring and
rendering code are getting different results for something that should
be identical.

Interestingly, I've only seen the buggy behavior while the nautilus
icon is selected. If I unselect the icon or let go of the mouse
button, the label is always redrawn correctly.

> I could probably cook something up if that's wanted?

I was going to suggest you do this since you were the only one that
could reproduce the bug. But I'm hoping that now Daniel will be able
to reproduce it and he can do this kind of deeper testing.

Meanwhile, if Behdad gets the pango bug fixed, then maybe some of this
will go away, (but independently, I'd like to figure out what cairo is
doing wrong here and fix it).

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