[cairo] Report for the pango patch and proper profiles

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Tue Dec 5 14:34:28 PST 2006

On Tue, 5 Dec 2006 14:21:56 -0800, "Daniel Amelang" wrote:
> 1.15.0: Drawn label 766 times
> 1.15.1: Drawn label 833 times
> Way to go Behdad!

Yes. Well done!

> And we can take down that nasty __muldf3 and __floatsidf in pangocairo
> (in the loop in draw_glyphs) with a little magic...The __adddf is a
> little tough, though, unless the crenderer->*_offset are both 0, I
> don't know how often that is true.

And we still have some arithmetic to get rid of on the cairo side
right? I don't see any symbols in this latest report, but the last I
remember we still had some useless transformation through the common
identity matrix.

I'd be willing to fix that, (should be simple enough). But Dan, didn't
you already make some attempts at that? And you just didn't like how
clean they were yet?

> I can look at it once I finish the lround bugfix, integrate pdiff,
> finish cairo_rectangle optimizations...oh man.

Heh. There's certainly a lot to do. I can do some pdiff work if you'd
like. Again, didn't you have an early version of this too? It'd be
great to have that to start with. And what's the cairo_rectangle

Meanwhile, it looks like we've done pretty well at just taking cairo
and pango and picking off the worst offenders in their respective
profiles. But neither library is showing up very high in the full
report of these tests now. But X is still up at a whopping 52% in
memcpy and another 16% with no symbols identified.

Has anybody looked into getting better symbols there, or otherwise
figuring out what's happening in the X server? And one thing to
remember is that it could still be that cairo is making the X server
work harder than it should, so even if the bottleneck stuff gets
reported against X, it doesn't mean we can't still fix something in
cairo to help it.

But, anyway you look at it, it's nice to see that things just keep
getting faster.

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