[cairo] Problems porting to embedded ARM9 platform - only rectangles are visible

Luke Diamand luke at diamand.org
Tue Dec 19 15:01:46 PST 2006


I'm trying to get cairo 1.3.8 running on an embedded ARM9 platform (no
FPU; gcc 3.4, little-endian).

I find that only rectangles get displayed correctly. Diagonal lines and
arcs never appear. The same code works fine on x86/linux.

I ran the fill_rule test, and it said:

4224 pixels differ (with maximum difference of 255) from reference image
TEST: fill-rule TARGET: image FORMAT: argb32 OFFSET: 0 RESULT: FAIL
fill-rule-image-argb32 [0]:     FAIL


I've tried enabling the various debug options available, but without
much luck.

Is there anything I can do to diagnose this problem further?

Luke Diamand

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