[cairo] Glitz questions

David Reveman davidr at novell.com
Mon Jan 2 06:35:48 PST 2006

On Mon, 2006-01-02 at 12:18 +0100, Jonas Beckeman wrote:
> Hi,
> I’m working on an OS C# Flash player (very limited feature set, only the
> features I need for a certain project), and I’m having some performance
> problems with GDI+ which I’m currently using.
> Each Flash shape is rendered first to a bitmap, which is then copied to a
> texture for 3D presentation. This makes it very slow, so I’m looking at
> rendering directly to the texture as a first optimization. Is this possible
> with glitz?

Glitz can do this, but to get the same anti-aliasing quality the image
and Xlib backend produces, the number trapezoids generated by cairo's
tessellator greatly affects if this is a win or not. For simple large
geometric objects it could be a major win but for tiny complex things
it's usually much slower. The current version of the glitz backend is
not drawing to textures, it can easily be updated to do this though. Xgl
is doing this and it got some simple code for guessing if it worth
rendering to a texture or not.

> I also wonder if glitz has any implementation of shader-accelerated curve
> drawing? Like the Loop/Blinn method (that I think WPF uses).

No. An implementation of this in glitz would be great to have.


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