[cairo] BRANCH_1_0 now renamed to 1.0

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Fri Mar 3 17:04:10 PST 2006

If you read my how-to-examine-the-1.0-branch instructions very
carefully, you may have noticed a subtle change. It's an important
change, so I'm mentioning it here explicitly.

When we were using CVS the maintenance branch for the 1.0.x series was
named BRANCH_1_0. This ugly name was due to two factors:

	1) CVS didn't allow '.' in a tag

	2) CVS didn't distinguish branch tags from other tags

When we did the git import, that ugly name carried across and has been
used for a few commits.

But, now that ugly name is now officially retired and the new name for
the 1.0 maintenance branch is simply:


I've removed the BRANCH_1_0 reference from the central tree. This
means that when you fetch from a previous clone you will see the
following error:

	error: no such remote ref refs/heads/BRANCH_1_0
	Fetch failure: git://git.cairographics.org/git/cairo

The fix is to edit .git/remotes/origin, (or whatever file you use to
manage the central tree), and simply replace references to BRANCH_1_0
with 1.0 instead.

Any new clones of the central repository should be unaffected.

I hope the rename doesn't cause any weird pain with people's personal
repositories, but let me know if it does and we'll sort it out.


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