[cairo] Re: Using cairo on windows?

Writser Cleveringa writser at xs4all.nl
Fri May 19 15:24:19 PDT 2006

hey all,

Tonight I added a very basic tutorial about using Cairo with Visual Studio
to the  documentation section, along with some sample applications. I
learned a lot about Cairo during the process (hadn't really worked with it
before). Hopefully the tutorial is useful for some other people too.

ps: I accidentally sent Carl Worth about 20 mails while updating the Wiki.
Sorry! :D

> On Sun, 14 May 2006 03:57:16 +1000, Daniel Keep wrote:
>> Why this is not linked from the cairo website will forever escape me.
> The cairo website is a wiki that can be edited by anyone. Please feel
> free to go through the silly little account-creation process, then
> add any information you think would be useful.
> -Carl
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