[cairo] ATSUI?

Ryan Schmidt cairo-2006c at ryandesign.com
Mon Oct 2 08:56:26 PDT 2006

I've been reading many messages on the list lately about how cairo  
only contains a minimal text API for playing around and for anything  
"real" one should use ATSUI on Mac or Uniscribe on Windows or Pango  
on anything else.

How does cairo's --enable-atsui option relate to this? Does cairo  
only use ATSUI in the toy text API then, or is this option still  
applicable somehow if I'm also using Pango?

I am building cairo (and Pango) as part of my pre-compiled Graphviz  
packages for Mac OS X and would like it to be as fast as possible and  
to make use of as many native text facilities of OS X as possible.  
Should I be using --enable-atsui?

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