[cairo] Cairo and Ruby on rails

Johannes de Jong plotzeling at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 23 22:12:24 PDT 2006


Thanks for the extensive reply.

Actually my application will only draw one type of graphic, a dot, but it 
can be thousands depending on the start en end date specified. The basic 
idea is that one dot = one day. The only difference is that some dots will 
be a different color. The graphic side is very very basic,  so I'm 
definitely not interested in general drawing.

I do not want to give away to much details here but I'm prepared to take it 
"offline" if you are prepared.

Kind regards

>From: Ryan Schmidt <cairo-2006d at ryandesign.com>
>To: Johannes de Jong <plotzeling at hotmail.com>
>CC: pclouds at gmail.com, cairo at cairographics.org
>Subject: Re: [cairo] Cairo and Ruby on rails
>Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2006 13:07:57 -0500
>On Oct 23, 2006, at 00:16, Johannes de Jong wrote:
>>I'm not sure how my craphics will perform either. At the moment I  use 
>>css/div's and small jpegs to make up one massive "drawing", it  does not 
>>perform at all. So I'm looking at ways to improve drawing  of the image.
>How would you make use of cairo to draw in a web page anyway? Would  you 
>have a cairo plugin that the user would have to install in the  browser 
>first or what's the idea here?
>Or are you talking about a server-side cairo installation that  delivers 
>PNGs to the browser?
>Have you considered using the browser's canvas element? This is  available 
>in current versions of Firefox, Opera and Safari and, with  a little 
>JavaScript from the good folks at Google, in Internet  Explorer for Windows 
>as well. An excellent tutorial:
>The JavaScript to make it work in Windows IE:
>>Do you know if cairo will allow me to make my drawing interactive,  
>>something like this : http://www.graphviz.org/webdot/hnodes.html
>Presumably if you wanted the level of interactivity afforded by using  
>webdot, you'd just use webdot. Do you want something more interactive  than 
>webdot? In what ways? Or are you not interested in Graphviz- style graphs, 
>but more general drawing?

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