[cairo] check-headers.sh not working on OS X

Ian Osgood iano at quirkster.com
Sat Sep 30 10:33:55 PDT 2006


I'm bringing cairo_xcb* up to date with the recent XCB "make-it-look- 
like-cairo" Grand Renaming, but am running into a problem with "make  

check-headers.sh (added 11 days ago) fails with the following output:

Checking public headers for missing cairo_public decorators
./cairo-atsui.h:cairo_public cairo_font_face_t *
(ATSUFontID font_id);
./cairo-beos.h:cairo_public cairo_surface_t *
./cairo-beos.h:cairo_beos_surface_create (BView* view);
[etc. etc. etc.]
./cairo.h:cairo_public void
./cairo.h:cairo_debug_reset_static_data (void);
FAIL: check-headers.sh

I presume the following awk invokation is failing, but I don't know  
enough awk/regex to diagnose it:

awk '
/^--$/ { context=""; public=0; next; }
/:cairo_.*[ 	]+\(/ { if (!public) {print context; print; print "--";}  
next; }
/-cairo_public\>/ {public=1;}
{ context=$0; }
' |
sed 's/[.]h-/.h:/' |
grep . && status=1

Thanks for your attention,


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