[cairo] Cairo and Quartz - inverted y?

James Dean Palmer james at tiger3k.com
Wed Apr 11 16:25:42 PDT 2007

I am using Cairo (1.4.2) with Quartz and ATSUI and have attempted a
hello world type test.  But I noticed the text with cairo_show_text
was inverted along the y axis and on a per glyph basis along the x
axis as well.  I then tried the snipit in the fill_and_stroke2 example
from the cairo website and noticed the result was y inverted from the
PNG on the same page.

So I did this:

cairo_scale (cr, width, -height);
cairo_translate(cr, 0, -1.0);

and the sample figure now looks correct and so does the text! Is this
the expected behavior?  It's slightly more peculiar because this also
fixed the per glyph x-axis inversion.


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