[cairo] Re: git setup

Peter Weilbacher (Mozilla) mozilla at weilbacher.org
Sat Apr 21 04:54:29 PDT 2007

On Fri, 20 Apr 2007 12:11:02 -0700, Carl Worth wrote:

>On Fri, 20 Apr 2007 21:04:02 +0200, "Peter Weilbacher (Mozilla)" wrote:
>> Hmm, the commit contains the username and machine instead of
>> a usable email address. Any idea how I screwed up my git setup
>> to do that and what I have to do to fix it?
>That's the git default behavior. You can change it for the current
>repository with:
>	git config user.email you at example.com
>or for your current user account with:
>	git config --global user.email you at example.com
>I'm not sure which versions of git support those commands, (I think
>"git config --global" is more-or-less recent). The first command
>basically just drops the following block into .git/config, (which you
>could definitely do manually for any version of git):
>	[user]
>		email = you at example.com
>The --global version drops the same block into ~/.gitconfig, (but
>ancient versions of git didn't know to look there I think).
>I hope that helps,

Thanks Carl, that helped a lot! As soon as you know what you are
searching for the whole documentation is easily to find. :-)


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