[cairo] Let's start maintaining the NEWS file as we go

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Fri Apr 27 23:04:50 PDT 2007

One of the most time-intensive parts of making a new release has been
sifting through all the logs since the previous release and typing up
all the release notes, (to put into the NEWS file).

Being as lazy as I am, I'd like to stop doing all that work.

Not only that, I think you all can do a better job than I can
anyway. The commit logs, while generally describing the technical
changes quite accurately, ("Use Tj operator in PDF output"), don't
always describe things in terms the user will care about, ("Encode
text more efficiently for smaller PDF files."). And I'm not always
knowledgeable enough to make that mapping.

Plus, with the excellent job everyone has been doing of using git to
make micro-commits, (recent patch series have been in the dozens of
commits for a single user-visible change), it's getting more and more
likely that I'll miss something when digging through the logs.

So I'm now asking all cairo contributors to start adding new entries
to the NEWS file as you push out new features and functionality.

So, if you add anything to cairo that users might want to hear about,
(performance improvements, better PDF support, whatever), please make
an entry in the NEWS file as you do that. Just lodge the entry near
at the top, and describe it in terms the user will care about.

Don't worry too much about precise formatting or wording---I'll still
feel free to re-organize things to capture the "theme" of each

Thanks so much!

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