[cairo] Compile Mac OS X universal binary of cairo

Michael Sweet mike at easysw.com
Wed Feb 7 08:48:37 PST 2007

Daniel Amelang wrote:
> On 2/6/07, Michael Sweet <mike at easysw.com> wrote:
>> ...(especially when we are only talking about 3
>> lines of preprocessor directives in one file...)
> So that's the core of the issue. 3 lines of preprocessor for this
> platform today, then Apple changes hardware again and we've got to
> update the code. Then other platform does something crazy (like ARM)
> and now we're adding some more. And since we're using compiler symbols
> to detect features, we better hope that Apple (or whoever) doesn't
> move to a different compiler suite, cause then we'd need the symbols
> on that toolchain as well. It makes you want to write some system to
> automatically detect all this for us, especially so other FLOSS
> projects could benefit, too, so they don't have to each reproduce the
> same code.

Well, given the amount of work Apple does to preserve source
compatibility (the current GCC definitions originate from the
old Metroworks compiler, for example), I'm not too concerned about
the #define's I am proposing getting changed.

As for new platforms, that's the risk/burden you take on when making
platform-specific optimizations.

Finally, I believe there are projects out there that want to tackle
endian and other platform portability issues - it's up to you guys
as to whether you use them.  However, I don't think any of them are
up to handling multiple-architecture build systems yet, since so far
only Mac OS X (and Darwin) implement such a system.

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