Stacked git and cg-push was Re: [cairo] [PATCH] _cairo_win32_surface_show_glyphs

Baz brian.ewins at
Sun Jan 7 06:11:48 PST 2007

On 06/01/07, Baz <brian.ewins at> wrote:
> Now push your changes as normal. NB Upstream won't see your unapplied
> and uncommitted patches:
> cg-push

Talk about speaking too soon... I was trying my first push to cairo
last night and this didn't work. Stripping it back to a pure git

$ git push master:master
error: src refspec master matches more than one.
fatal: unexpected EOF

After a bit of headscratching I just rebuilt git with printf's in to
show me what its matching there:

$ git push master:master
Matched master to refs/bases/master
Matched master to refs/heads/master
error: src refspec master matches more than one.
Matched master to refs/heads/master
fatal: unexpected EOF

thats '.git/refs/heads/master' (the thing I wanted to push) but what's
.git/refs/bases/master? Turns out this is added by stgit (see
bases/		bottom commit IDs of the patch stacks

Ouch, so stgit broke pushing. Clearly matching is done to the ends of
strings though, so this should (and does) work[1]:
git push refs/heads/master:master

Anyone more experienced care to comment on how to set things up so a
simple 'cg-push' works again?


[1] Yay!

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