Stacked git and cg-push was Re: [cairo] [PATCH] _cairo_win32_surface_show_glyphs

Baz brian.ewins at
Sun Jan 7 10:16:37 PST 2007

On 07/01/07, Baz <brian.ewins at> wrote:
> Anyone more experienced care to comment on how to set things up so a
> simple 'cg-push' works again?

Digging into this some more - the obvious[1] answer would have been to add:
Push: refs/heads/master:master

to .git/remotes. However, this doesn't work. It's cogito's fault. in
cg-Xlib it does this:
 [ ! -s "$_git/HEAD" ] || { _git_head="$(git-symbolic-ref HEAD)";
_git_head="${_git_head#refs/heads/}"; }

This _git_head goes on to be used as the local refspec in cg-push. So,
the first assignment there sets it to 'refs/heads/master' (the right
answer) and then the second strips it back to 'master' (the ambiguous
answer). So, plain 'cg-push' will not work with stg, you need to do:
cg-push -r refs/heads/master

This looks like a bug, I'll report it to the cogito folks.


[1] ok not *that* obvious, I can't find any docs for this file.

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