[cairo] Lander Game

Nigel Tao nigel.tao.gnome at gmail.com
Tue Jan 9 02:22:59 PST 2007

> (Use  'a', 'd', 'w', and left 'control' keys to control the blue
> ship. You might succeed at controlling the red ship if you have a
> numeric keypad (I did not)).

Oops.  Patch attached that gives the Red player the non-numpad
Left/Right/Up and Control_R as well.  It's now playable on my laptop -
anyone wanna game at linux.conf.au?

Also the [ and ] keys adjust the zoom.  Which subsequently makes it
unplayable, but it does show off some nice, smooth Beziers.

> It's worth noting that in spite of its name, it's not actually using
> any SVG in the program, but simply making direct cairo calls to draw
> the background and the spaceships.

I wonder if rendering an actual SVG (or rendering from the resultant
data structure from a parse) is a significant expense.  If so, would
it be worthwhile to come up with a script that 'compiles' SVG into
some cairo C code that you can just #include?
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