[cairo] [PATCH] Make UTF-8 output from cairo-perf-diff-files optional.

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Fri Jan 19 16:52:23 PST 2007

On Sat, 13 Jan 2007 12:36:03 +0200, "Kalle Vahlman" wrote:
> > Then you might not object to having it work cross different hardware
> > either, right?-)

Certainly not.

> > ticks value for the comparison. The ticks can be very different on
> > different hardware, so I added an option to use the ms value instead.
> > This loses precision of course, but it should be small enough loss to
> > not really matter.
> >
> > And getting something more or less descriptive is better than getting
> > lied to outright, right?-) The diff for example described the 770 as
> > over 800x faster than my 700MHz Celeron, which made me slightly
> > skeptic on the result...

Hehe. The reason I didn't use milliseconds originally is that the
estimate can be wrong, (and dramatically wrong if the CPU frequency
changes between when the estimate is made and when the tests run). Of
course, if the CPU frequency is changing, then all the results are
quite bogus, so maybe ms should be the default anyway.

> > I took the patch from Mr. Pihlaja (doesn't seem to be applied to git
> > head) and added my option to that. If someone would be kind enough to
> > check it and push it, I'd be greatful.

It's all pushed out now. The fact that your patch had the previous
patch intermingled actually made it harder, (I applied the other
first, fixed some bugs in it, and then had to extract what was new out
of yours). In the future, just sending the incremental patch along
with, "this patch depends on patch such-and-such",  or just including
both patches in a series would be greatly preferred.

But, still, thanks for the patch. And thanks for your careful eye on
cairo's performance across so many platforms.

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