[cairo] Re: Poor man's dummy surfaces

Behdad Esfahbod behdad at behdad.org
Tue Jan 23 21:56:35 PST 2007

On Tue, 2007-01-23 at 23:26 -0500, Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
>   cairo_image_surface_create_for_data (NULL, *, 0, 0, 0); 

Or probably:

  cairo_image_surface_create_for_data (NULL, *, *, *, *);

I think we can implement this in the generic surface layer, by having a
flag per surface, and just not handing to the backend if the surface is
dummy.  Then we probably can go on and create backend-independent dummy
surfaces too, but they are of less use since the user has to make sure
that parameters of interest are set on the surface (font options.  is it
all so far?)  Another good thing about my current proposal is that the
dummy surfaces act like real surfaces for all purposes.  This probably
just means cairo_surface_get_type() for now.


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