OpenGL backend (was Re: [cairo] Create a new backend)

Johannes Schmidt sdl at
Wed Jan 31 15:34:28 PST 2007

On Mittwoch 31 Januar 2007, Jeremy L. Moles wrote:
> I'm doing something similar with OpenSceneGraph and PixeBufferObjects.
> Basically, cairo renders on a image surface which is actually a PBO
> region...
> Out of curiosity, is the same approach you've taken?

I don't know PixelBufferObject, but I think that my approach is different.

It's very simple and just renders the trapezoids given to 
There are no sofisticated things and no FBOs or PBuffers and such, but this 
way it should work with any given OpenGL context (WGL, GLX, AGL, FBO, mesa 
offscreen buffer, etc.).
Operator support is still missing as I didn't need them yet, but I hope that 
this shouldn't be too difficult to implement using OpenGL logical operators.


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