[cairo] How to move a path

Gian Mario Tagliaretti gianmt at gnome.org
Thu Mar 1 02:09:17 PST 2007

2007/3/1, Daniel Amelang <daniel.amelang at gmail.com>:

> Hi Fred,
> What you're describing (having the user "move" a shape") requires
> statefulness. Cairo (by design) doesn't provide that for you. You'll
> need to look into a canvas library, or roll your own (by maintaining
> data structures with shape information and more). You might want to
> look into GooCanvas to start. Hmm...I don't see a website for it right
> away, but the mailing list is here:

Daniel is right, there is no website, only the page on sourceforge.


Goocanvas is now at version 0.7.0 but is going towards a 1.0 release
with stable API (Damon said in a month or so), is full of nice
examples including the functionality your are asking for and much
more, the docs cover 100% of the API.

In case you are interested in other programming languages there are
also bindings for python and C++, ruby bindings are under
construction, these are the ones I'm aware of.

Gian Mario Tagliaretti

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