[cairo] blinking graph

Olivier Jolet olivier.jolet at skynet.be
Thu Mar 1 05:19:28 PST 2007

Hi all,
I have to draw some blinking elements in my picture. The graph is build
with a graphics interpreter. My idea was to use two surfaces, one
surface containing the static fixed graph and the second surface
containing only the blinking elements, then draw alternatively the first
and the both surfaces. So my graphic interpreter has to buid
alternatively the figures to one or the other surface, but I want to
keep the same context for both surfaces. I mean, I want to keep the
context of cairo_t (the line width, the color, the font, etc ...)
drawing in one or the other surface.
What is the better way to do that? And is it a good way to have a graph
with blinking elements?
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