Update: [cairo] how to interface with an NSWindow (please help!)

Stephen Sinclair radarsat1 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 06:08:29 PST 2007

I'm not a Mac expert either, but I had a quick look at the
NSGraphicsContext stuff.
I know that OS X does a lot more buffering and off-screen compositing
stuff than Windows XP.
I noticed, for example, that NSGraphicsContext has a function called
"Forces any buffered operations or data to be sent to the receiver's

Have you tried that?


> But when I do drawing ops on that surface, nothing happens. :( Am I doing
> this right at all? Or is there a better/different way to do it? Do I need to
> send additional messages to the NSGraphicsContext or to the
> CGGraphicsContext (this is just a struct pointer,right?)?

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