[cairo] [cairo-announce] ANN: pycairo release 1.4.0 now available

Dethe Elza delza at livingcode.org
Sat Mar 17 21:00:16 PDT 2007

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the tips.  When I get time I will try to look into it  
further, now that you've given me a good place to start.


On 17-Mar-07, at 6:44 PM, Steve Chaplin wrote:

> On Fri, 2007-03-16 at 21:36 -0700, Dethe Elza wrote:
>> This is great news, Steve, thanks for keeping the python bindings
>> caught up with the latest Cairo.
>> Does this by any chance support the Quartz backend, and if not, what
>> would it take to hook PyCairo up to Quartz?
> There is no Quartz support in Pycairo. Note that in cairo the Quartz
> backend is still experimental and not supported.
> Using Quartz from Pycairo would require a Quartz user write and test a
> QuartzSurface(Surface) class to be added to cairo/pycairo-surface.c
> The new class would wrap the cairo C functions:
> cairo_surface_t *
> cairo_quartz_surface_create (cairo_format_t format,
>                              unsigned int width,
>                              unsigned int height);
> cairo_surface_t *
> cairo_quartz_surface_create_for_cg_context (CGContextRef cgContext,
>                                             unsigned int width,
>                                             unsigned int height);
> CGContextRef
> cairo_quartz_surface_get_cg_context (cairo_surface_t *surface);
> The first function prototype looks like it should be easy to do. The
> second and third use CGContextRef, which I understand is a pointer,  
> and
> can't used by pycairo unless there is a preexisting python binding for
> CGContextRef.
> Regards
> Steve
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