[cairo] Release candidate for 1.4.12 (testing requested!)

Elmar Braun Elmar.Braun at sh-p.de
Wed Nov 21 08:36:42 PST 2007

Hi Carl,

> I'm not sure what this bug could be. The 
> cairo-wideint-private.h file attempts to define INT32_MAX if 
> _MSC_VER is defined and INT32_MAX is not defined.

The problems are in:


None of these files include cairo-wideint-private.h directly or

Upon closer inspection the single source of the problem are the three
_pixman_malloc_ab... macros defined in pixmanint.h, which use the
undefined INT32_MAX.

Copying the definition of INT32_MAX from cairo-wideint-private.h to
pixman.h (seems appropriate, as UINT16_MAX and UINT32_MAX are also
defined there) solves the compilation problem.


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