[cairo] Is Cairo able to fit my needs?

Innova-Studios - Juergen Ladstaetter info at innova-studios.com
Wed Oct 3 03:44:00 PDT 2007

Hi there,

i'm currently developing an application with the GUI framwork wxwidgets and
the drawing is currently also done with this library. I'm thinking to
migrate the graphics part to cairo, because wxwidgets isn’t able to do anti
aliasing and the whole graphic looks crappy without it.

The main part of my graphics code is needed to display my own graphic data
format. You can import all kinds of postscript files and so on.
Because of this feature I'm in need of:
1) drawing polygons with N points
2) filling of those polygons (specific color)
3) using logical functions how the polygon is mapped over the existing

Without the last part it isn’t possible to display chained AI, EPS, PS
objects so here is my question: does cairo fit my needs and if so, could you
give me the function names so that I can read about it in the docs section?

Kind regards from Austria,

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