[cairo] Cairo working on OpenVMS

Behdad Esfahbod behdad at behdad.org
Tue Oct 16 17:17:17 PDT 2007

On Mon, 2007-10-15 at 05:05 -0400, Jacob (=Jouk) Jansen wrote:
> Hi all,
> After some years (sic!!!) of struggling I finaly got my port of cairo
> working on my OpenVMS system (I do not know what did the trick (1) the new
> pixman library, (2)the changes in cairo during the summer, (3) a compiler
> update on OpenVMS).
> I had to make a few minor (trivial) changes. I placed them on my web-site:
>    http://nchrem.tnw.tudelft.nl/openvms/software1.html#CAIRO
> It contains a patch against the version I extracted with git last friday.

Well, I see a tarball containing changed files, but no patch.  Please
generate a patch using the diff command with -upN.

> Some explenation on the added/changed files :
>    Added
>        descrip.mms (in several directories) : OpenVMS equivalents of makefiles
>        config.h_vms  : config.h file for OpenVMS
>        src/cairo-features.h_vms : feature file for OpenVMS
>        src/ANALYZE_MAP.COM : command script to help create shareable images
>               (OpenVMS equivalent of .so files )

These are probably best to you to ship in an OpenVMS "port".  They
simply fall out-dated otherwise.

>    Changed :
>        src/*.c : All the cairo-mutex variables are only declared extenal. This
>                  results in "unresolved externals" during linking. I added
> 		 for each a "non-external" definition.

That's definitely the wrong way to fix it.  It should just work.  The
first block of macros in cairo-mutex.c is supposed to define the actual

>        boilerplate/cairo-boilerplate-ps.c : On VMS gs has to be called in a
>                  special way to allow uppercase characters in the command
>                  options
>        test/get-path-extents.c : OpenVMS does not have the round function. On
>                  OpenVMS it now uses nint instead.
>  The OpenVMS port passes most tests. Most test that fail include characters
> from fonts. Since the fonts used may be different from those used to
> generate the refference images I think this is harmless. The image look OK
> by eye.
>  Is it possible to merge these changes into the git-repository. This will
> make it easier for me to maintain/test the OpenVMS port.

Would be easier to answer if you submit a patch.

>                  Jouk Jansen



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