[cairo] svg2pdf doesn't create the same pdf as rsvg-convert

Andrew Mason slackmase2 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 27 04:32:56 PDT 2007

Hi guys
I have an SVG which i'm generating dynamically with XSLT, which I then
use to generate a pdf invoice.  I have run into an odd difference in
the resulting pdf between rsvg-convert and svg2pdf

running the attached svg through rsvg-convert and svg2pdf (as done below):

rsvg-convert -o incorrect.pdf -f pdf order1.svg
svg2pdf order1.svg correct.pdf

results in two slightly different looking pdfs.

The one created by svg2pdf is correct and looks exactly the same as
the svg.Notice the Miniature World Maker logo has a gradient.

rsvg-convert however is missing the gradient in the logo.

For a single page PDF this isn't a problem as I can use svg2pdf,
however should people order more than 1 page worth of products then i
need to make multiple page PDF's.

Since , iirc,  neither svg2pdf nor rsvg-convert, has <pageSet> <page>
support (svg 1.2 ), then I have to use rsvg-convert so that i can pass
it 2 svg's .

rsvg-convert -o order.pdf -f pdf order1.svg order2.svg

Can anyone offer some advice as to how I can get my gradient back
using rsvg-convert ?
I was under the impression svg2pdf used librsvg, so theoretically
there shouldn't be a difference ? Is my rsvg version just too old ?

rsvg-convert version 2.16.1
svg2pdf -V = 0.1.3
cairo 1.4.10

Thanks in advance
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