[cairo] Initial documentation of cairo operators (with pretty pictures)

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Mon Oct 29 09:14:55 PDT 2007

Nis Martensen has just[*] made an excellent contribution to cairo
documentation. He's written the following description of cairo's
operators along with images of the results of each:


Please, everyone, take a look at this and help to clarify anything that
might need improvement. It might make sense to make note of useful
scenarios where any particular operator might be useful, for example.

This continues the trend that we're generating higher-quality
documentation on our new wiki than we did with inline code annotation,
(we're getting sample images, contribution from end users, etc.). I'd
like to see that trend continue with the following additions:

    1. All documentation that currently exists in the code annotations
       integrated with the new stuff being generated in /operators and

    2. Everything organized into some coherent whole.

    3. The ability to generate a single PDF file, and one long HTML
       page, for a complete manual.

Any help that anyone wants to give us to improve in that direction
would be greatly appreciated!

Have fun with cairo, everybody.


[*] Well, OK, he wrote it weeks ago and I only now got around to
pushing the changes out.
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