[cairo] [patch] pixman: RELEASING instructions and release-publish target

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Tue Oct 30 13:01:52 PDT 2007

Hi Søren,

I'm making a cairo 1.5.2 snapshot right now. Since this is the first
cairo snapshot that depends on an external pixman, I wanted to be able
to point to a pixman release in the same places where cairo releases
live, namely:


I was just going to copy the existing pixman-0.9.6 tar file from its
xorg.freedesktop.org location, but then I also wanted the
corresponding hashes and signatures that we publish with all cairo

So I copied the Makefile targets and RELEASING instructions from the
cairo repository, (see patch below). If you don't mind, I'll go ahead
and publish these.

Then you can use these instructions for future releases, or adapt them
as you see fit. Regardless I would like to see future pixman releases
published to the above URL.

There are some differences between what you've done with previous
releases and what these instructions do. For example, "make
release-publish" here will generate a signed, rather than an unsigned
tag, (which requires you to have gpg installed and configured with
your own key). Also, cairo's releases and signatures just use a tar.gz
format while the xorg releases have no signatures, but both the tar.gz
and tar.bz2 formats. So you may want to adapt things, but I tried to
strike a reasonable balance already.

I've done some testing with an upload to the cairo location, but not
with an upload to the xorg location, (since a 0.9.6 tar file already
exists there). Also, I didn't test the tagging step, since a 0.9.6 tag
already exists.



PS. Things left undone: I didn't start generating a NEWS file yet, and
there's not yet anything in place to generate a ChangeLog file.

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