[cairo] Porting of Cairo Graphics to T-Engine - Source Linking Issue

Peter Weilbacher mozilla at Weilbacher.org
Thu Sep 6 01:51:06 PDT 2007

On Thu, 6 Sep 2007, Mukul Sharma wrote:

> I have currently been trying to compile the source of Cairo Graphics using
> existing T-Kernel compiler, but I have not been able to figure out how are
> the object files linking together to form an executable. I analysed the
> existing Makefile and observed the compilation of various *.C files and *.H
> files, but the linking pattern is still not known to me, as I am finding it
> very difficult to comprehend the Makefile structure.

Yes, GNU libtool stuff is hard to understand.

> I also wish to know, if the porting was done using the existing Makefile or
> was a new Makefile written from Scratch. If the Makefile was written from
> scratch, then I would request the author to let me have a look over the
> code, so that I may learn from it and write my own.

Perhaps you should take a look at the Makefile.win32 that are available 
in each directory of the tree (there is something similar for OS/2 but 
we never pushed it into git because not too many people are using that). 
You basically compile all *.c files into an object file (with the GCC 
compiler that would be
    gcc file.c -o file.o
and a few extra parameters) and in the end link all them together into a 
library (like with
    gcc -o libcairo.so <list of .o files>
etc. which then invokes the linker). It works similarly on all 
platforms, just the compilers and parameters may be different.


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