[cairo] Using 1.4.x on ARM targets

Michael Dominic K. mdk at mdk.am
Sun Sep 9 02:27:37 PDT 2007

On 9/9/07, Marc Singer <elf at synapse.com> wrote:
> I'm using Cairo memory image surfaces to build images for a UI.  The UI
> works fine on an x86 PC running Linux.  I'm doing the final BLT to an X
> window and it's great.  On ARM, I'm only been able to build 1.2.6 and
> have it work.  Anything from 1.4.0 to 1.4.10, while faster :-), doesn't
> render properly.  Same UI code.
> I'm building with the gcc-3.4.4 compiler and my ABI is the old ARM ABI,
> but I'm using soft-float.
> The symptom is that I can draw a simple graphic that fills the surface
> and I can erase the surface to a color.  These operations render
> properly on the ARM on all versions of the library I've tried.  In every
> 1.4.x version of the library, I cannot draw text and the scaled
> renderings with alpha blending only draw vertical lines that seem to be
> at the edge of the image being drawn.
> At this point, I'm looking for some feedback.
>   1) Is this a known symptom?
>   2) Should it just work on ARM?

For us (maemo, the nokia n800 tablets based on OMAP 2420) 1.4.10 "just
works" without  problems.  You can check our configuration here:


The only special thing we do (check debian/rules) is hard vs. soft
floats configuration and thumb mode flags (our legacy platform, the
nokia 770, doesn't have hard floats). We're also using EABI with gcc
3.4.4 (one of the code sourcery toolchains) so the configuration seems
to be similar.

> BTW, I'm configuring the library as follows:
>               --host=arm-linux\
>                       --without-x\
>                       --disable-directfb\
>                       --disable-xlib\
>                       --disable-xcb\
>                       --disable-win32\
>                       --disable-glitz\
>                       --disable-svg\
>                       --disable-ps\
>                       --disable-pdf\
>                       --disable-some-floating-point\
>                       --prefix=/usr
> Cheers.
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