[cairo] exporting cairo_surface_{copy, show}_page and deprecating cairo_{copy, show}_page

Vladimir Vukicevic vladimir at pobox.com
Tue Sep 11 12:01:17 PDT 2007

Stuart pointed out that copy_page/show_page are really surface calls, 
and don't have anything to do with the current drawing context -- e.g., 
it's perfectly valid to create/destroy contexts multiple times with one 
surface before calling show_page on it to get the final rendered output.

The attached patch exposes cairo_surface_{copy,show}_page, and marks the 
previous cairo_{copy,show}_page as deprecated.  The deprecation is 
indicated only in the documentation -- is there a better way to annotate 
this?  Or, maybe they shouldn't even be deprecated, but just documented 
as shorthand for cairo_show_page(cairo_get_target(cr)) ?

     - Vlad
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