[cairo] Cairo + FreeType Binaries for WIndows?

robertk54 at aol.com robertk54 at aol.com
Wed Apr 9 12:26:54 PDT 2008

>Have you downloaded a cairo release and compiled it yourself? 

Not recently.? I think the only one I managed to build was one which came with a Visual Studio project.? I do not need to build with visual studio, in fact I prefer not building at all.? I need to either get this project modified so cairo builds with freetype support or figure out how to get some other environment working to do the same.

>Sorry if it was not clear but the mingw from inkscape only gives you the environment needed to compile cairo from source.

If this is true then it should be what I need.? The instructions I found?do not provide such detail, they just have you install 'devlibs' which contain cairo binaries (sans freetype).? The only build instructions I could find are for building inkscape.? Are there instructions somewhere for using this environment to build cairo?? If so, I could use some help on doing so and adding freetype support.

>What exactly do you want to do with a Freetype enabled cairo build?

I am using Cairo + Pango to do text?rendering on video (Cairo ARGB surfaces).? I need (so I think I have been told) FreeType support in Cairo and Pango in order to use any installed font / language.

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