[cairo] Docs for Python bindings to Cairo

Mike Slinn mslinn at mslinn.com
Sat Apr 19 22:41:43 PDT 2008

I'm writing a Python program that uses the Cairo API.  The C++ API docs 
(http://cairographics.org/manual) have a rather loose correspondence to 
the Python bindings.  The Python binding for Cairo doesn't seem to have 
any documentation, at least I haven't been able to find any.

    * Is this an appropriate list to discuss Cairo for Python?
    * I have some working code, and would like to contribute whatever
      docs I can generate ... with whom should I correspond to get
      started? I'd like to start by writing some docs for the Python API
      for Cairo.

I used Glade to create the GUI, and libglade and PyGtk to bring it to 
life.  Currently my Cairo code is invoked from expose_event.  I need to 
develop a better understanding of how Cairo works.  The scant sample 
programs that currently exist are not enough.  I'd be willing to 
correspond with those who know, but aren't interested in spending much 
time writing, so that I can write up more comprehensive docs for myself 
and others.

Some issues I'd like to address in the docs, with Python sample code, are:

    * What does Cairo provide that we didn't have before?
    * How is PangoCairo related to Cairo?
    * How does the Cairo event model relate to GTK?
    * General structure of various types of programs that use Cairo
    * What guidelines should one follow when writing Cairo animations?
          o Timers and GObject
          o Reducing flicker
          o Resizing GTK components
          o Context lifespan
          o Pixbufs
          o Layers
          o User space / device space mapping
    * Which GTK events relate specifically to Cairo?
    * Are there any special considerations for using Glade when working
      with Cairo?

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