[cairo] Using Pango+Cairo to layout non-standard / international text

robertk54 at aol.com robertk54 at aol.com
Mon Apr 28 07:57:43 PDT 2008

>> Will attempting to use such vertical text (font like Chinese which 
>> intended to be rendered vertically) work on Windows using just 
>> Cairo+Pango? Or, will I need to use FreeType builds of these? 
>You need the FreeType backend right now. Having said that, I may be 
>able to fix it in Pango. Will give it a try. 
Are there binaries available for Cairo+FT2 and Pango+FT2 for Win32 and 
/ or Linux? 

Lack of response makes me assume I have to build this myself.  I have 
tried setting
up build environments with little luck.  Tried GTK on windows using
MINGW but ran into dead end building just about anything.  Will try 
Linux next,
any tips on getting started here?

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