[cairo] Using Pango+Cairo to layout non-standard / international text

robertk54 at aol.com robertk54 at aol.com
Mon Apr 28 09:45:15 PDT 2008

>> Win32 is for a prototype.  Linux is the product.  I would prefer 
>> using my working prototype and adding this feature.  I got the 
latest gtk
>> for Win32 and the cairo it comes with does not support freetype 
(pango does).
>> I asumed this would be the same for the Linux version.

>That's an incorrect assumption, then.

Good news.

>Most cairo builds that you will find will support the platform's
>"native" font system. For Linux, this is freetype. So the cairo and
>pango packages in almost any Linux distribution will have freetype

>For Microsoft Windows, most builds of cairo will *not* use freetype,
>as it's generally not desired, (instead, cairo-using applications for
>Windows generally want to access the native font system so that they
>have the same list of fonts available as other applications, etc.).

This would not be an issue for me due to the type of application.

>Personally, I'd recommend developing your Linux applications on Linux
>to avoid confusion. :-)

If I were more of a Linux person then I would probably agree to this.  
My prototype
is developed using DirectShow.  I use it to play a video and 
add text and adjust settings.  The product is something which does much 
and does not have the ability to provide the instant feedback.  I have 
to run
a test, convert the files, transfer them and the view them.  Real 

>It should technically be possible to build cairo+pango with freetype
>support on Microsoft Windows, but it's not something that's done
>frequently, meaning that you're unlikely to find pre-built packages
>for this, and you may run into some unique issues since you're doing
>something that's been tested much less than more conventional uses.

Yes, I agree it should be possible.  And if I had a few more months I
am sure I could do it.  I already built cairo without freetype support 
some msvc settings I found.  I was hoping to build more using the MINGW
or even a Linux cross-compiling setup.

>Does that make more sense now?

Absolutely, thanks.  Perhaps the person who did the Linux install for 
did not get the right version of the cairo library containing freetype 


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