[cairo] Alternatives to autotools-based build systems

Gerdus van Zyl gerdusvanzyl at gmail.com
Wed Apr 30 01:01:55 PDT 2008

I would really like it if the build system independant files like file
lists, versions, etc were in seperate files. (and eg
cairo-features.h,libcairo-2.def were documented somewhere so I can generate
it myself) Then people can layer their own build system on top without
having to reverse engineer the cairo build system like I did for scons. The
core maintainers seem to be happy with the current setup and that is what


On Wed, Apr 30, 2008 at 4:13 AM, Mike Shaver <mike.shaver at gmail.com> wrote:
> cmake can produce MSVC project files, I believe, which is one of its
> major selling points.  (With a project file, you can get MSVC to build
> _much_ faster, since it doesn't have to invoke the compiler from
> scratch every time -- the Mozilla Windows build spends a lot of time
> in process spawning, sadly.)
> Indeed, we shattered many a VCS-migration tool on the rocks of
> cvs.mozilla.org before we got everything in hg.  Once you're in
> anything-but-CVS, though, future migrations become orders of magnitude
> easier, so the Next Change for GNOME will likely be easier now that
> they're on SVN.
> Mike
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