[cairo] Alternatives to autotools-based build systems

Luca Barbato lu_zero at gentoo.org
Wed Apr 30 01:24:01 PDT 2008

Mike Shaver wrote:
> cmake can produce MSVC project files, I believe, which is one of its
> major selling points.

Only selling point, bitbake can do that as well, given how the project 
file for msvc are would be possible to get something done from the .am 
files w/out having to install xmlrpc-c

> (With a project file, you can get MSVC to build
> _much_ faster, since it doesn't have to invoke the compiler from
> scratch every time -- the Mozilla Windows build spends a lot of time
> in process spawning, sadly.)

using a single, nonrecursive makefile, assembling it's target list in a 
single step, you'd archive the same.



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