[cairo] text to postscript rendering

Jürgen Ladstätter info at innova-studios.com
Wed Feb 27 02:28:27 PST 2008

Hi there,

currently i'm facing the following problem: i need to render text (different
fonts, sizes, and so on) to either an adobe illustrator file or to a
postscript file. Getting text to be saved in these files isnt hard, but i
need to render them to curvelines. So the "normal" ways of saving text in
postscript files doesnt work for me, because normally font information is
stored and this results in an error.

I found out that cairo can render to postscript as a backend and also has
some text functions like cairo_show_text(), now my question is: does cairo
render the output to curvelines (or simple lines), or does it only store
font informations?
If cairo isnt the library i'm searching for, could you please give me a hint
where i could find the library i need?

Kind regards, juergen

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