[cairo] Python Cairo tutorial diagrams

Donn donn.ingle at gmail.com
Sat Jan 19 10:32:15 PST 2008

 I sent this a while back (19 Dec 2007) and assume you did not get it. If this 
is unwelcome, I apologize. I won't send another, but I hope you reply.

I did some 'diagrams' in Inkscape to explain pycairo and because I still 
cannot log into the cairo wiki (a long story) I have put them on my sister's 
website. I was wondering if you wanted to have a look at them and perhaps 
include them on your own website because it seems the most popular for 
pycairo tutorials. 

 It's not that I want to push my own blog/website, it's just that I don't want 
to have done all that work for nothing. I don't advertise links anywhere in 
the files (bar my email).

 They are a combination of my own tests, the list and your tut. Naturally they 
are not perfect, and I have serious urges to change great swathes of stuff.
I will try to fix what I can should there be feedback.

They are here:
(Fetch the SVG file, the others are just pngs made from it.)

If there is anyone in the audience who believes in telekinesis, please raise 
my hand!
-- James Randi

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