[cairo] cairo-1.6.4 with fontconfig-2.2.3

john blair mailtome200420032002 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 28 22:58:31 PDT 2008

I was trying to configure cairo-1.6.4 with fontconfig-2.2.3 and freetype-2.3.7 but it failed with the following error:

checking for cairo's FreeType font backend...
checking for FONTCONFIG... yes
checking for FcFini... no
checking whether cairo's FreeType font backend could be enabled... no
(requires fontconfig)
configure: error: requested FreeType font backend could not be enabled

I then installed fontconfig-2.6.0 and then cairo build went fine. 
Can cairo-1.6.0 not be built with fontconfig-2.2.3?


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