[cairo] cairo-1.6.4 with fontconfig-2.2.3

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On Tue, Jul 29, 2008 at 2:58 PM, john blair
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> I was trying to configure cairo-1.6.4 with fontconfig-2.2.3 and
> freetype-2.3.7 but it failed with the following error:
> checking for FcFini... no
> I then installed fontconfig-2.6.0 and then cairo build went fine.
> Can cairo-1.6.0 not be built with fontconfig-2.2.3?
> My short answer: Yes.

FcFini is a function of  fontconfig that finalizes the library.
Without FcFini(), cairo, which is using fontconfig, will create memory leak.
I've experienced this and verified it with valgrind.

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