[cairo] cairo-1.6.4 with fontconfig-2.2.3

James Cloos cloos at jhcloos.com
Tue Jul 29 00:26:20 PDT 2008

>>>>> "john" == john blair <mailtome200420032002 at yahoo.com> writes:

john> Can cairo-1.6.0 not be built with fontconfig-2.2.3?

A quick check of the fontconfig src shows that FcFini was added with
commit 34cd0514a215d65af6822eba2c2f0cd04eb0065f dated 2003/August/15.

Version 2.2.90 is dated 2003/June/09 and 2.2.91 2003/October/26.

(Check out 'git log fc-2_2_90..fc-2_2_91' in a clone.)

Checking the fc-2_2_branch shows that the above commit was added to
master between the releases of 2.2.1 and 2.2.2, but was never ported
to the 2.2 branch.

So, no, you cannot build cairo-1.6.0 against fontconfig 2.2.3 without
either adding FcFini() to libfontconfig or editing cairo to ignore it.

(I didn't check whether there are any other limitations on which fc
versions will work, but certainly at least 2.2.91 (the 2nd prerelease
of 2.3.0) is required, given the above.)

Also, note that recent versions of fontconfig use a *lot* less ram than
the older versions did.  Upgrading is highly recommended.

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