[cairo] GSoC Requirements / Expectations

Daniel Kraft d at domob.eu
Tue Mar 18 01:52:56 PDT 2008


I'm planning to apply for Google Summer of Code this year, and am 
interested in helping cairo (partly because at least the name is 
familiar to me as a Gtk+ user (and I compiled it as dependency on my 
machine) and partly because I'm interested in learning/doing some 
graphics stuff in general), and some of the projects on your ideas list 
sound appealing (like the lookup-table thing and the polygon composition).

But I want to know beforehand if you have any special 
expectations/preferences on student applications so I can only apply if 
I have chances of being accepted ;)

As stated before, I have interest in graphics, but not yet much 
experience on the implementor's side (only some user experience from SVG 
"coding").  With programming in general (C included) and things like 
make/autotools/shells I have a good deal of experience, and also some 
basic knowledge about algorithms and datastructures (participated twice 
at the IOI).

Do you think I could find something to do for me and learn everything 
needed, or do you look for someone with already cairo/graphics experience?

Thanks and greetings from Austria,

Done:     Bar-Sam-Val-Wiz, Dwa-Elf-Hum-Orc, Cha-Law, Fem-Mal
Underway: Ran-Gno-Neu-Fem
To go:    Arc-Cav-Hea-Kni-Mon-Pri-Rog-Tou

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