[cairo] Latest pixman from git now required for latest cairo

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Tue Mar 25 17:41:47 PDT 2008

I've just pushed out a change to cairo that makes it depend on pixman
0.9.7 or newer. Just before I did that I pushed out some changes to
pixman that increased its version to 0.9.7 (and added a tiny bit of
API that cairo uses now).

So people will need to grab the latest pixman now to build the latest

This also means that people building the latest cairo will get all of
the many pixman fixes that we've made over the last few months, (like
the sampling/rounding fixes, etc.), and that's very good.

We'll still need to see an actual pixman release appear before cairo
1.6, but as far as I'm concerned cairo doesn't need anything else from
pixman at this point.

And a moment ago "depend on a newer pixman" was the last feature on
our cairo 1.6 roadmap:


I've just checked that box, but went ahead and noted down several
little things we're still working on so that we don't forget
them. I'll mention them here as well for convenience:

  * Adjust pixman dependency (once pixman is released) (cworth,ssp)

  * Fix clip-operator failure for cairo-ps/cairo-pdf (cworth,adrianj)

  * Enable X server-side gradients (cworth)

  * Get CGFONT code landed to reduce cairo-quartz failures (vlad)

Any help on these would be appreciated of course, but I think
everything is pretty much in place. That is, I think Søren just needs
to do the pixman release, I just need to land a patch I've got on hand
for the server-side gradients, and Vlad is pretty sure he'll be done
with the CGFONT stuff "by the end of the day", (though I notice he
didn't actually say *which* day).

That still does leave the clip-operator failure, and neither Adrian
nor I are sure what's happening there. So that might be a place where
someone could help, (though hopefully with a close look something will
become obvious).

It's nice to have all of the big issues taken care of. This release is
really close to happening now. And we might actually make our current
target, (which is "March 2008").

Thanks for all the hard work, (and fun, of course), everybody!

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