[cairo] Drawing a sound wave

Joe Bain mrjoebain at gmail.com
Wed Nov 5 04:48:44 PST 2008

Thanks for the responses guys. To elaborate:

> 1.) Do you want to draw the sound wave from left to right or do you want to
> draw on the left while scrolling to the right?

I want the window to be static, no scrolling. At the moment I have it
drawing the most recent data on the left and the 10 seconds old data on the
rightmost part of the window.

> That means you'll need some sort of peak detection ... otherwise what would
> you draw?

This is a good point. What I tried already was to go through all 480,000
points and draw the amplitude value on the y axis with the x value
being just i/1000 (I might double check this later as it seems like more
than I remember, I don't have access to the code right now). This drew a
fine picture but used a lot of cpu and usually would only run for a few
seconds before it stopped updating.

> You could move the graph along by copying the existing image to a
> temporary surface, clear the primary surface and draw the old image
> using cairo_set_source_surface with an x-offset. Then you can draw the
> new data into the space created.

By doing this what happens to the old data, does it get clipped and
discarded or would it build up a long invisible tail of data? It sounds like
a good solution, though I might try getting the appropriate values per pixel
column before I draw, doing it that way would undoubtedly be quicker and may
be fast enough to draw a fresh graph each time.

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