[cairo] Two compile issues of cairo HEAD

Ginn Chen Ginn.Chen at Sun.COM
Wed Nov 19 03:08:53 PST 2008


I'm building cairo HEAD on Solaris.
I found 2 minor issues.

1) cairo-spline.c
_cairo_spline_decompose_into is a void function, but it has a return  
statement with an expression.
Although the expression is also void, it's still not allowed by Sun  
Studio by default.
If I use features-extensions, it give a warning.

Here's the C standard.
============================================= The return statement


1. A return statement with an expression shall not appear in a  
function whose return type is void. A return statement without an  
expression shall only appear in a function whose return type is void.

2) cairo-script-interpreter.c, cairo-script-operators.c, cairo-script- 
They include byteswap.h, which is not exist on Solaris.

We should do something as cairo-wideint-type-private.h does.
Or just get it included?



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