[cairo] [cairo/glitz] glitz patches?

Paolo Bonzini bonzini at gnu.org
Fri Nov 21 08:48:23 PST 2008

>> 1) is there a reason why the infamous 16.6/24.8 fixed point patch has
>> never been applied to Cairo (attached)?  With this patch I can run
>> cairogears pretty well with only a failure on the GRAD test.
> I'm not cairo maintainer, but I think glitz needs some improvements
> before we can be apply this patch. I currently working to improve error
> management in glitz especially when we access a resource which is not
> available anymore.

Yes, but how is this related?  The patch only solves a mismatch between
data formats, which would have to be fixed anyway.  The surface would
still be experimental, but at least it would more or less work.

> I can commit my modifications on freedesktop git and to create my own
> cairo branch.

Are you going to commit all of them or only the ones that are mature?
I'm afraid that my branches will have some conflicts if you apply on top
of them the ones that I thought were not yet ready.

> All patch and glitz improvements are welcome, I'll take a look at your
> git repos, to review and apply your patches in upstream.

Great, feel free to cherry-pick them into your tree too.  It would be
great if you took one of my branches*, diff the tip of my master branch
against yours, and separate the remaining diff into logical pieces that
can be applied independently; Emacs diff mode is easy to learn even if
you're a vi user and will be your friend.  This will also remove things
such as the MMX/SSE patch that you reverted due to licensing problems
but is actually still in the repository (just not in the HEAD).

  *You will have the same conflicts independent of whether you use
   branch master (which includes changes of yours that I reviewed) or
   branch paolo.  The changes in master..paolo only touch stuff that
   you had not modified.


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